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gig: SHESKETCH, part of the SheDot Festival: May 2, Comedy Bar Cabaret (with Feminine Gentlemen, Highbräu & Allana Reoch)


“Don’t Tell My Dad is a sharp, smart, wickedly funny, song-filled satire of all things that take place along the road on the quest for ‘authenticity’.” - Ottawa Tonite, 2014

Manders is the funniest comedian in Toronto; her blonde tresses and wholesome manner distract you long enough that when her sharp and twisted humour hits you, it comes as surprise. This show has “hit” written all over it.” - CREW Magazine, July 2014

”I felt it was impossible not to be swept up by Manders’ comedic timing and infectious attitude. She is wonderfully depraved and incredibly funny. The audience laughed the whole time. If you have a sick sense of humor and a fondness for song, then check out this show. I should also add that her singing voice is fantastic.” - Mooney on Theatre, 2014

“Darkly funny songs … deeply satiric…. an electric performer.” -NOW Magazine, 2014

“Betty White’s character on The Golden Girls, Rose Nylund, is paradoxical; she appears to be an idiot with a sunny disposition, but now and then she says something cruel, sexy or clever, and the unexpectedness of these instances makes them all the more hilarious. Now, dial her up to 10, increase her intellect and make her a lot younger, and you’ve got Chelsea Manders in Don’t Tell My Dad...It’s dark, hilarious and a little uncomfortable.” - Daily XTra, 2014

Perky, quirky, and has a biting wit that is so delightfully unexpected... delivered with a delectable doe-eyed smile. She’s definitely a charmer...” - Charlebois Post, 2014

She is sharp, witty and intelligent, and has a beautiful voice to boot.” - The Theatre Reader, 2014

I laughed VERY loudly during this show… My notes are full of one-liners that had audience members rolling in their seats, but you get the picture.” - Apt613, Ottawa, 2014

Manders really knows how to make use of comedic timing as she explores her harrowing upbringing in an upper-middle class, supportive, loving family... had me laughing out loud.”  - Capital Critic’s Circle, Ottawa, 2014